Tap4Health Offers You Emotional Freedom

Energy Therapist Rod Sherwin explains how Tap4Health differs from mainstream counselling and therapy and can help you with emotional or physical issues

Past events affect our lives today. Are you experiencing painful emotions or negative behaviours such as:

  • stress, anxiety, depression, anger,
  • panic, irrational fears or phobias,
  • post traumatic stress disorder,
  • addictions such as smoking or alcohol,
  • eating disorders, weight problems,
  • back pain, neck or shoulder pain,
  • relationship issues, or serious diseases?

Then it’s likely that unresolved emotional issues from the past are still having an impact on you today.

Have you worked with a counsellor or psychologist and already understand which events are linked to these issues? Has this understanding changed the way you feel or your behaviour, or are you still making do with coping strategies and trying to control your thoughts? Have you seen a psychiatrist and the only option they give you is medication for the rest of your life?

So you don’t yet have true emotional freedom from those past events.

Emotional Freedom from Past EventsIf you already know the events that are still causing you problems today, great! Rod Sherwin uses breakthrough techniques to help you clear the negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviours and experience true emotional freedom. No coping strategies. No drugs.

To be clear, Rod is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counsellor. Rod offers you an option which does not claim to replace these treatments but offers help in different ways.

What if you don’t know which events are underlying the complex issues that are troubling you? Rod will use gentle, skillful questioning and his experience with hundreds of clients to help you discover and heal the layers of emotional issues, beliefs, and events at the core of these issues giving you emotional freedom from the past.

Heal the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to a happier future. Explore more about Tap4Health’s:

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