Where do new thoughts come from?

Have you ever tried to solve a problem and come circling around and around with the same thoughts e.g. :

I want to make more money
I have to get a job
I don’t want to got back to what I’m doing
I can’t do what I’m doing any more
I have to get a job
I don’t want to do more of what I’m doing

Do you see the crazy looping going on in there? Someone said that 95% of the thoughts we think each day at the same ones we thought yesterday.

So where do new thoughts come from?

Often after applying EFT, maybe not with the formal phrasing, but just tapping while vocalising the thought loop that you are stuck in, a new thought will arise. This new thought is usually one of those light bulb moments that truly brightens you mind and life.

The new thought that came out of the above loop was: “I could get a different job”

For people who have had many jobs in their life this is an obvious thought. But for those who have ever only worked in one career this simple new thought, in fact just this one extra word in the thought, opens up whole new vistas of possibilities.

So where did that new thought come from?

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  1. A living human being has billions of cells and each cell is impregnated with intelligence and goes through uninterrupted chemical processes and reactions millionths of a second depending on the driving reaction and the hormonal effect of the desire of the thing to be dealt with. An agglomeration of cells cooperate to trigger the picture/ word or reaction. So thoughts are formed as a result of the myriad reactions within a slim fraction of a second. The mind therefore is a chatterbox of those reactions. Sometimes they are from conscious mind and sometimes from unconscious mind. The mix reaction makes it difficult to locate the exact source of each and every thought. Unless and until all information about the total mind is not available, it is not possible to say exactly what thoughts are, where they come from and what is expected from them.

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