Success Stories

Healing Past Trauma

Tap4Health opened up my mind to the trauma I had experienced and allowed me to revisit the experiences in a safe way. In doing this my mind and life expanded into a more healthy less fearful recollection of past experiences. Now I can think without the intense recollection of pain. I am moving forward and my life has never been better. -- Lyndia Vaselli Read more »

Dealing with Stress and Annoying Clients

Ailsa Page shares her experience on video of working with EFT for stress, dealing with an annoying client, and work life balance. Following up with Ailsa a week after the session, she shares how these things are just not an issue any more. Read more »

Overcoming Long Term Fear

Warren Day shares his hopes for his first EFT Session and then, after the session was done, how excited he was at having overcome a long term fear. Watch the video to see the shift! Read more »

Sprained Wrist

Thank you very much for generously coming to my aid on Monday night at the NSAA function after I sprained my wrist trying to catch a pull-up banner that unexpectedly sprang out of my hand whilst I was setting it up. As the injury occurred right before a 2 hour photo shoot where I would be required to physically handle two heavy cameras with my injured hand your immediate and caring assistance with your tapping and healing skills literally saved the night. Read more »

Brainfood: Community Education Providers Statewide Conference

Regarding the stress levels of people in Adult and Community Education sector, it was decided to peruse an alternative to the ‘sit and listen’ Keynote address for the 2010 Brainfood Conference. This is where Rod Sherwin came in to start off our conference and what a fantastic start we had. It set the mood for an overall ranking of 95% of people attending found the conference to be Excellent – Very Good. Read more »

Seasonal Allergies

Rod's personable, warm yet professional demeanor really helped make my introduction to EFT a fantastic one. He took the time to answer all of my questions before our phone session thoroughly and patiently. I was quite nervous during the session itself, as it was new to me, but Rod led me through it respectfully and with a good dose of humor, which made all the difference. Thanks to the EFT skills I learned from Rod, my seasonal allergies have lessened dramatically, and I have been able to greatly decrease my overall stress levels. I absolutely recommend him. -- Emma Alvarez Gibson Read more »

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Having Children

Prior to seeing Rod, my husband and I had been having difficulties with getting pregnant and having the pregnancy go full term. Trying again each time was heart wrenching and I was at the stage of almost giving up. Working with Rod, I was able to heal the hurt and grief from earlier failures and also resolve the conflicts within my mind and body preventing me getting pregnant and carrying the baby to full term. I'm happy to report that I now have a beautiful baby girl called Chelsea and am keen for more children! Rod, thanks so sharing your gifts and helping us become a family. -- Di Spagnuolo, Melbourne, VIC Read more »

Eating Disorders and Weight Loss

THANK YOU 100 TIMES OVER!! It's all looking very positive and incredibly exciting to be free of some of these deep seeded issues, which I didn't even understand myself until I started our sessions and the tapping. I can tell you I was a true skeptic after I walked away from our first session, but I am starting to be truly amazed by this therapy. Read more »

Business Improvement and Work Life Balance

Seeing EFT Guru Rod Sherwin in a long term weekly coaching environment has: allowed me to achieve the best balance I've had; meant that no difficulty has spiralled down for any longer than a few days before Rod's single minded focus on helping make me and my life greater lifts me up; meant I enjoy both work and play more and I already loved them both; My business has increased in profitability by 25 percent! Read more »

Surviving New York and Auditions

Living and auditioning in New York which has such a high intensity, can take it's toll on your energy levels. EFT has proved to be such a great tool in helping me deal with this problem and the stresses of the industry. Allowing me to feel more in control. -- Adam-Jon Fiorentino, New York Read more »

Changing Career Late in Life

After being involved in the music industry for 56 years, I have now made a huge career change to doing what I have always wanted to do but had never given myself permission to do so out of old fears and conditioning. I have enrolled in a Masters Degree from which I will graduate at the age of 60. I would never have done this without Rod's magic word's and tapping. It's a very exciting time in my life!! -- Anita, NSW Read more »

Chronic Lower Back Pain

A few years ago, I had a challenging issue with my lower back – and as much as I did yoga, went swimming, and stretched – it was a reoccurring problem – every few weeks it would give me a jolt of pain just to remind that its still there. I came along to see Rod Sherwin and his method of healing and after a session of tapping away the emotional pain – it worked like a charm. Within a couple of days the pain had dulled and then within about two or so weeks – the pain had disappeared and has never since been back. Read more »

Excruciating Neck Pain

After 3 days of excruciating neck pain and barely being able to turn my head, I finally asked Rod for help. In about 10 minutes, I was pain free and could barely believe how easy it was to look over both shoulders. It was fantastic! -- Diane Allwright, Callum VIC Read more »

Relationship Anger and Pain

When I went to see Rod, I went with an open mind and an open heart. The experience of our tapping session will be with me for all my days. Anger and pain, I didn't even know I was holding onto was hampering my life and relationships. Rod helped me to recognise and let got of it. I have never felt better. With Rod's help, I could face my demons and banish them forever. Thank you so much. You saved my sanity! -- Erin Davie (nee Browne), VIC Read more »

Fear of Public Speaking

I was able to use an EFT session with Rod to help me overcome some long-held fears. I was able to test the results immediately as I was heading to Sydney for training and, in the past, I have let so many opportunities to gain more knowledge pass by because of fear. In the session with Rod, we worked on many issues that related to people with more academic ability, public speaking, not wanting to waste their time and the result was fantastic. Read more »

Self Confidence & Feeling Like an Imposter

I attended my session with little knowledge of what EFT is all about. Consequently, I went into the session suspecting I might overwhelm Rod with a long, messy list of issues I'd quickly typed up the previous evening. Despite all of my perceived barriers to success, Rod proceeded to knock my socks off with his insight, generosity, clarity, precision and humility as we tapped through a range of issues that had popped up. He was able to reframe my words with such an extraordinary level of understanding - I really felt like a child being heard for the first time. This is big considering I have quite a few people in my life who really do understand me and listen to me. Read more »

Rage & Infidelity

I was having a lot of trouble forgiving my husband when he left me for a younger blonde. I knew I had to forgive him so that I could get on with my life and not be bitter. Rod helped me with EFT in just one session. Now when I think of my husband he is just a soft glow instead of absolute rage. Rod has helped me move on and has enabled me to negotiate a settlement being rational instead of emotional. A much better outcome. Thank you Rod, I'm a new woman and now I am looking forward to my new found freedom with excitement instead of regret. -- Jenny Mantova, Qld Read more »

Drugs, Self Sabotage, & Depression

After 10 years of 'successfully' giving up drugs, my life was a shambles. Depression, destroyed relationships with my children and former partner, and I was bashing myself in the head in my darkest moments. Then in one afternoon session with Rod, I experienced major shifts in at least a half dozen issues that still haunted me. To deal with these issues in such a gentle and fast manner is totally amazing. Thanks so much to Rod & EFT. Read more »

Being Held Back & Stale Energies

In a loving space with no judgement, Rod and I handled various issues I was willing to confront. It was an adventure to explore a lot of the stale energies that were holding me back. My world is now a better place and my deepest gratitude goes to him. -- Wendy Sharman, Sydney NSW Read more »

Negative Energy & Goals

Rod, I appreciated your relaxed manner, which enabled me to comfortably express my feelings. It was amazing that you could process so much "stuff" at one time! Having collapsed the negative energy draining my spirit, I left feeling more centred and balanced. Since the session I have experienced a renewed enthusiasm and focus towards my goals. The benefits have been well worth the investment!! -- Lisa McDonald, Strategic Life Management Consultant, Hughesdale VIC Read more »

Stiff and Sore Neck

I'll have to admit, I was sceptical at first when Rod suggested EFT for a stiff and sore neck. As I started tapping, the pain eased after a few minutes to the point where I no longer noticed it - and I had a whole lot more mobility than I had a few minutes before! Thanks Rod! -- Steve Jasper, North Melbourne VIC Read more »


I had gone to bed and was half asleep but couldn't fall fully asleep because the hiccups keeps waking me up. So I did a bit of tapping just on my face and only on one side, cause I was lying on my side and didn't even go through the whole thing (I didn't say anything, just tapped on brow, side of eye, underneath eye, upper lip and chin) - and the hiccups stopped straight away! Very cool." -- Miranda Frahm, VIC Read more »