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How does EFT help you Master the Art of Becoming?

How does EFT help you Master the Art of Becoming?

Mastering the Art of Becoming with Marcy NeumannI was recently interviewed by Marcy Neumann on her Mastering the Art of Becoming web radio program. Marcy asked some very insightful questions about my journey with EFT including:

  • How much do you need to know about the acupuncture meridians to use EFT?
  • What is bringing EFT to the forefront of most people’s awareness now?
  • What is the connection between physical and emotional issues?
  • Is there always another layer to deal with? Are you ever done?
  • How to handle an intense issue when your working by yourself?
  • How are energy medicine and energy psychology related?
  • What emotions are related to thinking too much and being stuck in our head?
  • Is pain required to make a change in our lives?
  • Was there an abrupt change that moved me from Computer Engineering to EFT?
  • How is self-awareness developed with EFT?
  • How much of reality are we really responsible for?
  • Which parts of the brain are effected by EFT?
  • Where do I think the future of EFT is going?

Listen to the Tuning In; Tapping In; Stepping Out interview with Marcy Neumann.

Something from the interview resonate with you? Leave a comment on this blog post and let me know.