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Relationship Anger and Pain

When I went to see Rod, I went with an open mind and an open heart. The experience of our tapping session will be with me for all my days. Anger and pain, I didn’t even know I was holding onto was hampering my life and relationships. Rod helped me to recognise and let got of it. I have never felt better. With Rod’s help, I could face my demons and banish them forever. Thank you so much. You saved my sanity! — Erin Davie (nee Browne), VIC Continue Reading

Rage & Infidelity

I was having a lot of trouble forgiving my husband when he left me for a younger blonde. I knew I had to forgive him so that I could get on with my life and not be bitter. Rod helped me with EFT in just one session. Now when I think of my husband he is just a soft glow instead of absolute rage. Rod has helped me move on and has enabled me to negotiate a settlement being rational instead of emotional. A much better outcome. Thank you Rod, I’m a new woman and now I am looking forward to my new found freedom with excitement instead of regret. — Jenny Mantova, Qld Continue Reading

Drugs, Self Sabotage, & Depression

After 10 years of ‘successfully’ giving up drugs, my life was a shambles. Depression, destroyed relationships with my children and former partner, and I was bashing myself in the head in my darkest moments. Then in one afternoon session with Rod, I experienced major shifts in at least a half dozen issues that still haunted me. To deal with these issues in such a gentle and fast manner is totally amazing. Thanks so much to Rod & EFT. Continue Reading