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Lindsay Kenny: EFT for Procrastination and Feeling Stuck

It seems one of the themes in the EFT world in the last month has been Procrastination. I wrote how to use EFT for Procrastination and Lindsay Kenny also released a spectacular audio interview about procrastination as part of the launch of the Tapping Insiders Club.

Lindsay’s talk covered how simple it can be to overcome procrastination and included:

  • The most common causes for procrastination and how to figure out if any of these are effecting you
  • The two emotions that are typically behind procrastination (you’ll be surprised by one of them!)
  • Tapping statements that you can use immediately to get results

This interview is definitely worth listening to. It’s one of those “kick in the butt” things we all need to listen to from time to time.

Listen to the interview and while you’re there tap along with Margaret Lynch on “Tapping for More Clients in Your Business

Freedom at Your Fingertips

Freedom at Your Fingertips

The ultimate Question and Answer Guidebook for using the Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka EFT Tapping, to feel more alive and energised. The book has over 50 actual case stories of how people have used EFT to handle issues such as Abundance & Prosperity, Addictions, Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, Pain Management, Speaking & Stage Fright, Procrastination, Weight Loss and more. Continue Reading