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Live a life free of fear, anxiety, anger and other debilitating emotions

I’m sure most of you have now already heard about the Tapping Insiders Club from Nick and Jessica Ortner (the awesome team that brought us Try It on Everything and the Tapping World Summit).

TIC_LogoWell, today is officially opening day for the Tapping Insiders Club which an incredible membership site designed to bring you information on a huge variety of topics regarding tapping.  More importantly, it’s designed to get you results in your life.

There is a bucket load  of content in the club, in both video and audio format.  It ranges from in-depth hour long interviews, to shorter 20-30 minute interview, to 5-7 minute tap along videos.

They’ve lowered the regular price for their grand opening celebration for a limited time opening so you’ll want to join today!

Whatever challenges or obstacles you’re facing, you will most likely find the answer is in one of the resources inside the club.  And if it’s not, you can have your questions answered in the “Ask the Experts” section or you can request an interview topic or video tap along topic!

There’s so many exciting features such as:

  • Featured Interviews
  • Video Tap Alongs
  • Try It On Everything Bonus Footage
  • Beginner’s Corner
  • Practitioner’s Corner
  • Featured Teleclasses
  • Ask the Expert Interview

Remember, this is not just a once off event like the Tapping World Summit but an ongoing experience with new content being added to the Tapping Insiders Club every month:

  • Every month you’ll be able to submit YOUR questions to be answered by a leading Tapping Expert
  • Every month you’ll be able to submit your challenges for our new Tap Along Videos
  • Every month you can join a four part tele-classes series on a new topic
  • Every month there will be presentations on how to grow and manage your Practitioner business

Here’s a list of the topics already inside the club.  I know it’s long!

  • Beginners Corner Intro
  • Learn the Basics and get Tapping Right Away!
  • Common Beginner Mistakes
  • How to Know What To Say
  • The Power of Questions
  • Understanding the Choices Method
  • Clearing Your Resistance to Tapping
  • Simple vs. Complex
  • Speaking Your Truth
  • The Most Effective Strategies for Weight Loss and Tapping
  • Quickly Eliminate Cravings Tap Along
  • Eye-popping case studies on Tapping and TMJ Disorder
  • Tapping for Cancer Support – A Healing Journey
  • Back Pain Tapping- Find Relief Fast
  • Using Tapping For Cold Hands and Feet
  • Tapping for Muscle Cramps – Sleep at Last!
  • Find Relief from Arthritis Pain with Tapping Now

No steak knives, only more great content.

  • An Inside Look at Using Tapping To Quit Smoking
  • Quick Tips for Using Tapping to Improve Your Vision
  • Knee Pain and Tapping – Understanding the Messages from your body
  • Overcoming Insomnia Video Tap Along
  • OCD symptoms and Tapping
  • Using Tapping for PTSD – A Hopeful Look at the Possibilities
  • Tapping for Parents with children with ADD/ADHD
  • Tapping for Insomnia – A Fresh Start
  • Using Tapping To Control Panic Attacks – Finding Peace Within
  • Your child with ADD/ADHD and Tapping
  • Tapping for Spouses of Veterans – A Forgotten Group Gets Help
  • Working with Developmentally Delayed Adults – Creative Solutions
  • Healing the Addicted Heart
  • Simple Energy Techniques for Addictions

Would clearing any one of these issues transform the quality of your life?:

  • Healing Mother Issues with Tapping – An Emotional Journey Of Healing
  • The Vital Importance of Healing Mother Abandonment Issues
  • Tapping for Expecting Mothers – A New Paradigm Shift
  • Using Tapping With Children
  • Instantly Improve Challenges Faced by Step-Parents
  • Using Tapping To Help Your Child Fall Asleep – Peace At Last!
  • The Importance of Clearing Previous Birth Traumas
  • Using Tapping for Anger – Gaining Emotional Control
  • The Good Side of Anger Tap Along
  • Tapping for Gratitude
  • Using Tapping for Holiday Stress
  • Using Tapping to Attract Abundance
  • The Power of Using Tapping To End Procrastination
  • Raise your Self-Esteem with EFT
  • How Your Identity Impacts Your Life
  • Using Tapping to Quickly Clear Clutter
  • Feeling Safe To Change
  • Personal Peace Procedure
  • Attracting Money Tap Along
  • Release the Fear of Failure Tap Along
  • The Easiest Way to Tap Away Marketing Fears
  • Overcome your Fear of Success with Tapping

And for today’s economy, the all important money, job, business and success:

  • Tapping and Corporate Success
  • Tapping to Find Peace While Changing Jobs
  • Tapping for More Clients In Your Business
  • Clearing Blocks Around Money – Tap Along Session
  • Understanding the Money Blocks Holding You Back
  • Reaching Your Goals Tap A Long – Find a Clear Path To Your Dreams

Take advantage of all this material, and maybe tap on the overwhelm of where to start, and join the Tapping Insiders Club today.

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