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A Solutions Focused Approach to Change & EFT – EFT Q & A Podcast

EFT Q & AI’m a fan of Gene Monterastelli’s EFT Q & A podcasts and was privileged to be featured recently by Gene on the topic of a solutions-focused approach to EFT based on Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT).

SFBT, developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, is a simple yet powerful approach based on identifying what you want, where evidence of the solution is appearing in your life already, and what would be externally observable signs of progress.

SFBT is based on the idea that no problems occurs always all the time. Even for an alcoholic, there are some days when they drink less than others so investigate what is different about those days when the problem is less and do more of that as opposed to searching through your past to find the reason that may or may not be the cause of the behaviour.

SFBT’s efficacy is well established and supported by a solid and ever increasing body of research. Solution-focused thinking is widely accepted in the fields of therapy, social care, education and business. This book, The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change Simple, was my original introduction to solutions-focused thinking.

EFT, in my opinion, in unparalleled in its ability to heal past events such as trauma and abuse and I find combining SFBT with EFT is incredibly effective when moving forward into the future. I have found it useful in areas such as business improvements, wealth creation, depression, serious disease and weight loss. Here are some of the insights I achieve when I applied one of the questions to issues around money.

The standard EFT approach to achieving your goals is to search in your past for events that have lead to limiting beliefs (“writing on your walls”) that are holding you back from want you want. This is based on Gary Craig’s NLP training which the concept of limiting beliefs is a part of.

But how long to you keep looking in the past for answers? Focusing on the past can itself be used as a diversion from taking real action to move you towards what you want. SFBT helps identify small concrete signs that you are actually making progress.

Listen to the Solutions-Focused podcast at EFT Q & A and check out the other top-quality podcasts at EFT Q & A. One of my personal favourites is the one on Sensitive Temperaments by Rue Hass.