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Fertility, Pregnancy, and Having Children

“Prior to seeing Rod, my husband and I had been having difficulties with getting pregnant and having the pregnancy go full term. Trying again each time was heart wrenching and I was at the stage of almost giving up. Working with Rod, I was able to heal the hurt and grief from earlier failures and also resolve the conflicts within my mind and body preventing me getting pregnant and carrying the baby to full term.

I’m happy to report that I now have a beautiful baby girl called Chelsea and am keen for more children! Rod, thanks so sharing your gifts and helping us become a family.”
— Di Spagnuolo, Melbourne, VIC

Don’t Watch the News

If you continuously expose yourself to negative information it will have affect you long term health and well being. Watching the news and hearing it many times a day is like constantly being in a horror movie and changes what you think, believe, and feel is your reality. Not being able to chang what is reported to you in the news can lead to sadness, frustration, anger, grief, and depression. Continue Reading