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Emofree reborn as EFT Universe compliments of Dawson Church

EFT World Centre 3.0 LogoWhen Gary Craig announced his retirement we were all worried about losing the thousands of EFT case histories and other valuable resources provided on Gary’s World Center for EFT Emofree.com website. Thankfully, Gary agreed to hand over most of the website content to Dawson Church to host on a new website called EFT Universe.

EFT Universe will contain all the case histories, research reports, practitioner listings, and other content previously found at Emofree.com. This provides a great resource to search when you find yourself asking “Does EFT work for…?“. Chances are there will be a story of someone using EFT for your issue and their shared experience will give you insight into applying EFT for your self for the same issue.

We’re immensely grateful to Gary Craig for developing EFT, and the Emofree site, for the last fifteen years and very appreciate him finding a way to retain this valuable information.

For those who haven’t heard of Dawson Church he is the founder of the Soul Medicine Institute and has been instrumental in conducting rigorous research studies in EFT and energy psychology that have been published in research journals. One of his key initiatives has been the Iraq Vets Stress Project which offers EFT to returning veterans and has also led to the recently released OPERATION: Emotional Freedom film.

I’d like to to thank Dawson for taking on the custodianship of this valuable material and making it available in Spanish with French and German on the way.

Like the old emofree site you can submit new stories and content via email on their submission portal page (grandiose title) which can be tricky to find (not dissimilar to emofree). The very interactive EFT forums previously hosted at emofree have been moved to the EFT Masters website.

I think the Giving Back page sets the tone for the EFT community which identifies ways in which you can contribute, volunteer, donate and generally help with getting EFT to those who need it most.

My other favourite page on the site is the Timeless Principles of EFT for its distilled expalanation of the key principles of EFT. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in all the fancy ways in applying EFT but with these basic principles you can handle most issues.

How are you finding the new site? Let me know in the comments.

How does EFT work?

It helps to relate EFT to something you may already be familiar with such as: EFT is related to acupuncture only we target specific emotions and using finger tapping rather than needles. EFT is like talk therapy with an additional physical component which allows us to get to the issues faster and resolve them more… Continue Reading