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New branch of science busts gene myths

A new branch of science called Epigenetics moves medicine from simple mechanics to the Quatum Science level. Epigenetics proves that our health is NOT predetermined by genes and that we have control over how our genes express themselves thus determining if we experience a disease or not.

The blond mouse is obese and predisposed to diabetes and cancer. The brown mouse is the healthy result of a change in the mother’s diet.

Using an experiments on mice that are identical genetically, scientist were able to completely change the health of the mice by changing diet. This is exciting stuff.

And what are the tools scientist say can alter the way our genese are expressed?

“New research shows that consciousness (beliefs, feelings, prayer, energy, thought) may have epigenetic effects.”

Tools from the emerging field of energy psychology, such as EFT, can change what happens to our genes and whether or not we experience a particular disease.

So please ignore that media next time it informs you that they have identified a gene for this or that disease. Yes the gene may lead to that diesase but YOU HAVE CONTROL over whether it happens or not.

A ground breaking Epigenetic Science award was recently presented in Los Angeles. You owe it to yourself and your health to be informed about epigenetics. The most approachable book on the subject is: The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention