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Successful Tapping for Cravings Trial

Channel TEN featured this report on a using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for food cravings. A 6 month clinical trial showed how successful EFT is for emotional eating.

Update: 12 month follow up shows that the results held and participants experienced significant improvements in weight, body mass index, food cravings, subjective power of food, craving restraint and psychological coping. The results have been submitted to research journals for publication.

The Tapping away Food Cravings program is now available to the public and includes the details of the clinical trials.

Live a life free of fear, anxiety, anger and other debilitating emotions

I’m sure most of you have now already heard about the Tapping Insiders Club from Nick and Jessica Ortner (the awesome team that brought us Try It on Everything and the Tapping World Summit). Well, today is officially opening day for the Tapping Insiders Club which an incredible membership site designed to bring you information… Continue Reading

Eating Disorders and Weight Loss

THANK YOU 100 TIMES OVER!! It’s all looking very positive and incredibly exciting to be free of some of these deep seeded issues, which I didn’t even understand myself until I started our sessions and the tapping. I can tell you I was a true skeptic after I walked away from our first session, but I am starting to be truly amazed by this therapy. Continue Reading