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What if you can’t say “I accept myself” in the EFT Setup Phrase?

The standard EFT setup phrase is “Even though …, I deeply and completely accept myself.” But what if you are not comfortable with the second half of the phrase? What if it causes you to hesitate and feels incongruent?

Alternatives to the EFT Setup PhraseWhile some testing has shown that EFT will still work even without saying I accept myself, and even saying the exact opposite still seems to work, here are some great alternatives from Suzanne Zacharia to use instead.

  • I’m OK and that’s OK.
  • Part of me knows that I can safely succeed.
  • I am willing to consider that it may be safe to get over this.
  • Maybe one day I can accept myself a little bit more.
  • I honor my feelings and where they came from.

And the one that is sure to get a smile:

I cannot accept myself because I have this problem. I have tried rejecting myself and still have this problem. So rejecting myself hasn’t worked. Maybe I can try accepting myself just this once. If I don’t like it, I can always go back to rejecting myself. And that’s OK too.

Suzanne also specifies a few phrase to use for children, such as:

  • I’m a good boy/girl anyway.
  • Mummy/Daddy loves me anyway.
  • I’m a good dancer anyway.

Suzanne has a great site with lots more EFT scripts for different issues.

What alternatives do you use when you have trouble using “I deeply and completely accept myself” in the EFT setup phrase? Share them in the comments section below.

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