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Business Improvement and Work Life Balance

Seeing EFT Guru Rod Sherwin in a long term weekly coaching environment has: allowed me to achieve the best balance I’ve had; meant that no difficulty has spiralled down for any longer than a few days before Rod’s single minded focus on helping make me and my life greater lifts me up; meant I enjoy both work and play more and I already loved them both; My business has increased in profitability by 25 percent! Continue Reading

How can EFT help with peak performance (sports, music, academics, art, writing, acting, speaking, sales, business and more)?

You may have heard the story about running a 4 minute mile. At one stage in our history, it was thought that it was not humanly possible to run a mile in less then 4 minutes. Then an Englishmen, Roger Bannister, broke this 4 minute barrier. Once other athletes new that is was possible, they… Continue Reading