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EFT Novel: Dangerous Aspects by Colin Winston Aldridge

We learn by stories and one of the ways of helping people to learn about complementary therapies such as EFT is by reading about them. Based on this principle EFT Practitioner Colin Aldridge has produced a wonderful synthesis of fiction and education called Dangerous Aspects.

Aldridge describes the novel as consisting of two themes

“Firstly it is a novel about a woman’s difficult divorce and a good read it is too. You can read it simply as a novel with its twists and turns, its murders and intrigues. It is an entertaining novel you will not want to put down and it is worth reading…

The second thread is a life coaching manual. The woman’s difficult situation produced almost intolerable stress causing her to seek therapy. Her journey to successful therapy is cleverly entwined into the story of the novel. You hardly notice it within the intricacy of the story, but the thread runs through the plot leading to a success which could stand as a lesson to us all when she tries Energy Psychology and is led to teach others Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).”

The novel is backed up by some well known names in the EFT field: Tam Llewellyn, Mair Llewellyn and Gwyneth Moss have all contributed to the book and are named on the cover. Making the book a work of fiction and a thrilling story will hopefully reach an audience of people who aren’t “in to” alternative therapies. This contributes to EFT and Energy Psychology becoming more mainstream rather than being “that weird tapping”.

Aldrige has launched a campaign throughout the healing community to have as many people as possible to launch it up the best seller list. Buy Dangerous Aspects through Amazon.com or, if your in Europe, buy Dangerous Aspects through Amazon.co.uk.

Freedom at Your Fingertips

Freedom at Your Fingertips

The ultimate Question and Answer Guidebook for using the Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka EFT Tapping, to feel more alive and energised. The book has over 50 actual case stories of how people have used EFT to handle issues such as Abundance & Prosperity, Addictions, Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, Pain Management, Speaking & Stage Fright, Procrastination, Weight Loss and more. Continue Reading

The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change Simple

The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change Simple

The Solutions Focus gave me a profound shift in thinking and solving problems. My engineering degree trained me to think in terms of understanding the problem to find the solution. While this makes sense when you need to know why a bridge fell down so that next time it won’t, it is not always the best approach for every area of our lives. Continue Reading

Now, Discover Your Strengths

In the self-help realm, I think there is an unrealistic expectation that if you read all the right books and attend all the right seminars you can become perfect at whatever you set your sights on. Yet, some of us struggle and beat ourselves up when we can’t do what we are not naturally good at. After reading this book, I now know what I’m good at and what I strengths I need to find in others to compliment me. And together we can create our successes. Continue Reading