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Reset Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Trauma

Reset Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Trauma

Stress, anxiety, panic and trauma can take their toll on your body, your mind and your life. You can be in a constant state of fear, overwhelm, or hyper-alertness and constantly scanning for the next threat. Maybe the threat is current today and maybe it was something in your past that’s long gone but you still react with the old habits and patterns. What if there was a way to reset your body’s response to stress and calm your nervous system?

I’ve worked with clients with all sorts of serious emotional issues and present three techniques that work with the body to reset your nervous system from being a state of flight, fight or freeze and allow you to relax back into calmness. Once your nervous system calms down, your thoughts and behaviour follow, and your will find yourself able to respond better in every situation, feeling empowered to make better decisions and make more positive choices. This can break the downward spiral of stress and start you on the journey to recovery.

The three techniques I present can be used by yourself and to help others. These techniques are things you can use every day and over time you will find the need to apply them less but they will always be there if needed. The techniques work directly with the nervous system and brain and don’t require talking although they can be combined with other talk therapies.

This 1 hour video product is of a live workshop where you can participate, along with the audience, to learn and apply these powerful techniques. Members of the audience share their shifts and breakthroughs from applying these simple tools.

You too can reset stress, anxiety, panic and trauma and take back control of your life.

Let me explain a bit more about what’s in the product below:

When would now be a good time to learn these valuable techniques and reset your stress, anxiety, panic and trauma and help those your care about.
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