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Enjoy Emotional Freedom by Steve Wells and David Lake: EFT Book Review

Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake are pioneers in EFT and have released a new book called Enjoy Emotional Freedom: Simple Techniques for Living Life to the Full. The book is packed with practical, clear, simply stated information on using EFT and their own Simple Energy Techniques (SET). The book has 6 chapters plus appendices and is packed full of practical experience, wisdom and tips.

Enjoy Emotional Freedom Front CoverThe first 2 chapters introduces you to the whole idea of energy techniques and energy psychology. You can skip these if you are already familiar with the field.

Chapters 3 and 4 introduction EFT and SET respectively and give a very succinct and clear definition of both. I believe that the EFT chapter would easily be a worthy replacement for the soon to be retired free EFT manual from Gary Craig. These chapters give clear instructions on where and how to tap, what to say and who to handle some of the usual challenges that arise when using these techniques. I love the clarity of the writing and layout with questions and headings regularly featured throughout.

Chapter 5 is about the general ways to apply EFT and gives hints on how to make it part of your life. This is important for those who have still to develop the habit of using EFT/SET always, anywhere, anytime.

Chapter 6 is the meat of the book and shares a wealth of approaches, examples and experience on specific application of EFT/SET on conditions such as:

  • Physical Issues – specific location, chasing the pain, and getting to the emotions
  • Children – how tapping on yourself and them helps
  • Trauma self-help – including Tell the Story and Movie techniques
  • Panic Disorder – how to “de-tune” your system from the stress response
  • Compulsive Disorders and Bulimia – could also apply to other addictions
  • Depression – including a discussion on the role of medication
  • Self Acceptance – including a person story of Steve Well’s journey
  • Relationships – I like the bit on being right
  • Peak performance, success and achieving your goals, and Wellness

It would have been useful to have these heading featured in the Table of Contents for easy reference.

Finally, the Appendices have a great list of Questions and Answers (FAQ) and current research in the field – always useful for the convincing scientific types.

At around 240 pages, this is one of the most succinct and useful yet thorough books in the EFT field. I reflects well on the Australian experts that they can convey such valuable information in so few words. I highly recommend it. Enjoy Emotional Freedom is available now through Steve Wells and David Lake’s website, EFT Downunder.

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