Stress Relief at Your Fingertips

Have you thought about using EFT to relieve stress?

We experience stress to varying levels throughout the day. From sitting in traffic running late, to having a deadline to meet or finding enough change for the parking meter all these situations effect our nervous system and state of well being in some way.

Stress is the result of experiencing the flight or fight response with its increase in adrenalin and muscle tension but instead of this state only being maintained for a short time this state is prolonged. Chronic stress damages the nervous system and function of the organs since the flight or fight response is not meant to be maintained for long periods of time.

EFT can help with relief of stress by returning the bodies response to normal. It also helps to change the way you react the situation that triggers the stress response in the first place. Changing your response then allows you to be in a more resourceful state to do something about the situation that is causing the stress response in the first place.

EFT phrases that may help in stressful situations include:

  • Even though I want to strangle this person, I choose to relax and feel calm and centred.
  • Even though I’m running late and there is nothing I can do now to change that, I choose to relax and to arrange things so I can leave earlier next time.
  • Even though I’ve got too many things on my plate, I choose to focus on one thing at a time and do the best I can right now.

Remember it may take a few rounds to unwind but its worth it.

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