From General Feelings to Specific Issues with EFT

One of the key things taught in the EFT DVD’s is to find specific events or memories to apply EFT to. These are reference events that have led to the beliefs or issues that you are experiencing. This article gives your some strategies to go from general to specific.

When clients first come to me with a general issue such as sadness or depression, I find it useful to start out general and let the story unfold layer by layer.

For example, if you’re feeling sad, then start tapping on “Even thought I feel sad,…” After a few rounds ask yourself questions about why you feel sad. The answer might be “Because I’m single”. So do some tapping on “Even though I’m sad because I’m single,…” Then explore the issues around why you’re single at this point in time. This may then lead to more feelings and some memories and beliefs.

Be gentle with yourself as you explore an issue.

You can tap without words but it helps accentuate the feeling, and clear it, if you can put some words around it.

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