Tapping, Diet and Weight Loss

Tapping, Diet and Weight LossNew tapping techniques offer help with the psychological aspect of diet and weight loss. You want to lose weight but keep reaching for the chocolate, pizza, and donuts. You probably know more about what to eat then many dietitians, but have you looked at the psychological side of losing weight?

Often our mind has conflicting ideas about losing weight. If you lose weight will you:

  • attract the wrong person and be hurt again?
  • make your mother happy when you’re secretly rebelling?
  • still not be able to attract a partner, so why bother?
  • be expected to better in other areas of your life?

What if you could resolve these mental conflicts and lose weight easily using a simple acupressure technique that involves tapping with the finger tips?

Lose Weight EasilyTap4Health offers you an alternative to counselling and therapy. Using breakthrough methods such as the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tap4Health gives you the ability to free yourself from the effects of past events and resolve the emotional drivers behind the cravings, bringing, and self-sabotage.

Tap4Health’s approach is:

  • gentle
  • effective
  • permanent

At Tap4Health, you will:

  • experience results in 3-5 sessions on average, however everyone is unique
  • learn tools to use for the rest of your life

Get to the core issues keeping you overweight. Find out more about Personal Sessions at Tap4Health.