Wedding Anxiety

As your wedding day gets closer is your anxiety rising with each day? Wedding Anxiety is really about the psychological process of leaving your old life and beginning a new life, with different rules, responsibilities and duties. Wedding anxiety symptoms include:Stressed Bride

  • Anxiety over fear of commitment.
  • Conflict with family members bride or groom.
  • Confusion about identity after marriage.
  • Sadness over leaving being single.
  • Doubts over groom.
  • Feelings for old boyfriends or other men.
  • Conflict over nature and size of wedding.
  • Overwhelm from organising the wedding

Tap4Health offers results in a few sessions that take years with conventional therapies. You spend a huge budget on the wedding, the dress, the invitations, but what about your emotional well-being so that you can enjoy the big day and the rest of your life.

Tap4Health uses breakthrough methods such as the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to clear the anxiety, stress, doubt, and fears that threaten to ruin your big day.

Tap4Health’s approach is gentle, effective, and permanent. Find out more about Personal Sessions at Tap4Health so that you can enjoy you special wedding day and the rest of your life.