Trauma and Abuse

Abused & Traumatised WomenTrauma and abuse happen but do you have to suffer from them for the rest of you life? Unfortunately, counselling and psychotherapy have you talking about events, reliving the pain, and coming up with coping strategies but you still have the pain. It doesn’t have to be this way –

What if you can experience complete emotional freedom from these events?

Tap4Health offers you an alternative to counselling and therapy. Using breakthrough techniques from the emerging field of Energy Psychology, Tap4Health gives you the ability to free yourself from the effects of past events and experience a new joy and happiness that you may not have thought possible.

How soon would you like to free yourself from the past?

Trauma and Abuse HealedTap4Health’s approach is:

  • gentle
  • effective
  • permanent

At Tap4Health, you will:

  • experience results in 3-5 sessions on average, however everyone is unique
  • learn tools to use for the rest of your life

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