Stress, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks

Stress, Anxiety & Panic AttacksStress is a natural response to threat’s in our surroundings but is only meant to last for a short period of time. Stress causes the heart to beat faster, adrenaline to surge through your system, and the flight or fight response to be triggered. Prolonged exposure to stress and it’s physical responses causes disease in our bodies.

Anxiety and Panic build from past fears and the need for control. A past event caused an emotional response that has passed it’s use-by-date and now the pattern needs to be reset.

Tap4Health offers you a way to reset the emotional responses of stress, anxiety and panic.

Tap4Health uses breakthrough techniques from the emerging field of Energy Psychology to free you from the effects of past events and experience a new joy and happiness that you may not have thought possible.

Stress Relief End Panic AttackTap4Health’s approach is:

  • gentle
  • effective
  • permanent

At Tap4Health, you will:

  • experience results in 3-5 sessions (on average, however everyone is unique)
  • learn tools to use for the rest of your life

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