Can you make fun of your “shoulds”?

Can you make fun of your “shoulds”?

Broken Manicals © James Steidl | Dreamstime.comI was working with a client one time who had a lot of repitious thoughts imprinted from his parents around “you should be better than that”, “your smarter than that”, “you should know better than that”.

We had done quite a bit of tapping with this phrases and then I suggested that we scramble the phrases by saying them in funny voices such as John Wayne, Mickey Mouse, or an opera singer. The client reported that the shoulds were “still too serious to make fun of”. What a wonderful insight.

This was a great indicator that there were serious consequences to breaking out of those old shoulds. The conditioning around the consequences of not being good enough, smart enough etc were too serious to contemplate making fun of them.

So we did a few rounds of EFT exploring these “serious shoulds”. How serious they felt; how we couldn’t make fun of them; how it was scary to do that; how there would be consequences if you let go of these shoulds. After a few rounds, the client was able to smile at the thought of the shoulds even if he could not yet make fun of them. Even the phrase “serious shoulds” was enough to evoke a smile.

So how serious are your “shoulds”? Are you able to make fun of these old rules and thoughts about what you should do, how you should behave, what you should or shouldn’t be able to do? You might find this tapping around doing things because you think you should also helpful in breaking the hold of old, out of date rules.

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  1. Hi Rod,

    I grew up with all the shoulds and have too’s :0 blah
    After years of therapy l still seemed to have them.
    Within two sessions of EFT l now say “l choose to” without a second thought.
    What a weight off my shoulders(no pain now)!!!
    Love using EFT


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