The EFT Discovery Statement and Positive Emotions

If you have downloaded the free EFT Manual you might recognise the EFT Discovery statement as:

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system — Gary Craig

When I was teaching my last EFT Fundamentals seminar and sharing this definition with the students, it got me wondering about how we might describe positive emotions with respect to our energy system. It is one thing to remove a “disruption in our energy system” to clear a negative emotion but what does our energy system have to do with positive emotions?

©Alexandr Stepanov | Dreamstime.comI posted this question for discussion on the EFT Community Forums and also on Facebook to see what others thought about this seeming limitation with the EFT Discovery statement to describe how positive emotions are experienced.

Some of the responses suggest that we could tap in positive emotions after we had cleared the negative which I certainly have found is true (see Dr. Patricia Carrington’s Choices Method). But this did not give me an explanation for what caused the positive emotions in the first place.

Others suggested that the only requirement to feel positive emotions was to clear all negative emotions, all disruptions in our energy system, and then we would naturally feel positive emotions. This highlighted an assumption of mine which is that there is something extra we need to do to feel good beyond just clearing all the negative stuff.

Getting closer to what I wanted, which is a working definition that I can use to explain both positive and negative emotions, was the idea that we feel negative emotions when our energies aren’t flowing well and feel positive emotions when our energies flow freely. So positive emotions could be explained as free flowing energies.

So can you suggest a replacement for the EFT Discovery Statement which explains both positive and negative emotions? Maybe EFT is the best tool for clearing negative emotions, events, and experiences, but others tools are more suited to create positive emotions. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Hi Ron,
    In my opinion is EFT is a great tool for clearing negative emotions, events, and experiences and a great help to release blocks to experience positive emotions. It can help when you do connect with the positive emotion you want to expertience and then start to tap. You than will expertience the positive emotione far more better and it will be longer lasting.

  2. Great, someone has expressed exactly my vague uneasiness about EFT and the discovery statement.I think EFT is a great technique for unblocking the energy flow, but it focusses too much on the negative. As we know, we create the world with out thoughts and visualisations. Therefore to repeat “the problem” in the reminder sentence over and over while tapping intuitively just doesn’t seem right to me. In order to manifest positive states we have to cultivate and think in positive words.

    • Hi Anja, thanks for your comments. Many people are concerned about focusing on the negative while tapping but it does serve an important purpose. What you focus on while you tap is what gets cleared. The more you focus on how you honestly feel about the event or situation your are working on, while tapping, the better your results in clearing that issue. I find it quite liberating and authentic to say what I truly feel rather than trying to correct my thoughts and feelings out of fear of what I might manifest.

      I do suggest people keep their thoughts positive and that they keep their focus on what they want when not tapping. This serves a different purpose.

      I suggest reading a few of the articles from the Energy Provocateur blog in the controversies category from some further sounds exploration of the power of focusing on the negative.

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