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Carol Look and Rick Wilkes Pain Relief with EFT MP3 Audio Program

Carol Look and Rick Wilkes Pain Relief with EFT MP3 Audio Program

Carol Look has re-released her Pain Relief with EFT product as 10 hours of MP3 Audio Recordings plus a 244 page PDF Transcript. Previously, this product had been a membership site that required an ongoing monthly fee but now it’s a simple one off fee of $US 97.

Pain Relief With EFT Product Image“Pain Relief with EFT is an empowering, comprehensive coaching program designed to bring you relief in your body and mind by: raising your vibration, showing you how to master your focus, and exercising your self-healing systems using EFT.”

Carol teamed up with EFT expert Rick Wilkes to create resources that are designed to help you feel better no matter what your physical challenge is.

Pain Relief with EFT gives you:

  • Instant access to 31 audio files to help you feel relief from painful emotional states
  • Instant access to dozens of guided EFT tapping rounds to clear limiting beliefs and free up more of your energy for self-healing
  • Instant access to audio coaching sessions with Carol Look and Rick Wilkes so you know how to benefit every day from this surprisingly effective approach to physical and emotional pain relief
  • Instant access to detailed EFT tapping scripts”

Healing the emotional components of physical pain are key to the physiological journey back to well-being. Regardless of your diagnosis, Pain Relief with EFT teaches you how to once again find relief and relaxation so you will have the energy to heal well and laugh more often.

The Pain Relief with EFT program is offered with a 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee so you can try the program and experience the benefits risk free.

Buy Pain Relief with EFT, all 10 hours of MP3 Recordings and 244-page PDF Transcript immediately downloadable for only US$97.