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Does EFT work for…?

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, says “You can fill in the blank with almost any emotional issue or physical ailment. Examples have been….

Does EFT work on knee pain?
Does EFT work on snoring?
Does EFT work on Multiple Sclerosis?
Does EFT work on Reactive Attachment Disorder?
Does EFT work on animals?
Does EFT work on pre-verbal children?
Does EFT work on Alzheimer’s Disease?
Does EFT work on Ritual Abuse?
And so on…with a list of thousands of ailments.

The answer to all these questions is…Yes! There is a high likelihood that, properly applied, EFT will either improve or completely eliminate the problem.

That does NOT mean, however, that EFT has been perfected to the point where it can cure everything. On the contrary, we still have a lot learn about its uses…AND…sometimes the results will depend on your “EFT sophistication.”

It DOES mean that we have seen improvements in such a wide variety of ailments that it is no stretch to conclude that its uses are nearly universal….although not yet perfect across the board.

This One-Procedure-Fits-All feature of EFT brings quizzical looks to the faces of most newcomers because they have been conditioned to think that, for each ailment, there is a specific remedy. Since there are thousands upon thousands of human ailments, providing such specific remedies is an impossible task.

Thus we take Panadol for a headache and Prozac for depression. Along the same lines, there are specific medications (remedies) for everything from arthritis to high blood pressure to Anxiety to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There is even competition among advertisers for which remedy is the best for a specific ailment (Tylenol vs. Advil, for example).

So, newcomers become confused when they hear that the same EFT is used for back pain is also used for grief, trauma, anger, carpal tunnel and everything else. This notion doesn’t fit with their previous conditioning.

Nonetheless, that’s how it is.

One point of clarification: While the same mechanical EFT is used for all ailments, the APPROACHES to the various problems can differ widely. There is an “art of delivery” which is necessary for complicated cases and this involves finding core issues and aspects as well as appropriate reframing and other artistic uses of this flexible tool.

P.S. EFT is not meant as a substitute for other healing procedures (even though it often does the job by itself). Rather, you are encouraged to use EFT as complementary to your existing health treatment.”