Releasing Vows of Poverty to Make More Money

If you have been working on money problems for a long time and still seem stuck, it may be worth investigating possible vows of poverty. Most of us would be aware of these vows if we had made them in this life, but what about past lives?

Whether you believe in past lives or interrupt them as metaphors from your unconscious mind, the results will be the same. If you have even the slightest inkling that you may have been a priest, monk, or other religious role then maybe there are some vows that you made which have been affecting this life. There was a great discussion over at the tapping forum about past life vows and other deeper patterns that can affect us.

As always, you can use EFT to release your self from these vows. The exact wording will depend on your religious beliefs so I’ll keep the wording as general as possible. Using the following EFT Tapping Points Guide tap as follows:

Karate Chop Point:
“Even though I have taken a vow of poverty, I ask a Higher Power to release me from this vow as it no longer serves me”
“Even though I took a vow of poverty as a way of worshipping, I choose to embrace abundance and joy as my new devotion”
“Even though my soul has held me to this vow of poverty, I ask permission to release it now.”

Head: “Releasing this vow of poverty”
Eyebrows: “I choose abundance as my new way of experiencing the Divine”
Side of Eyes: “Releasing this vow of poverty, that no longer serves me”
Under Eyes: “I ask my soul and whom ever I made this vow to, to release me from it now”
Top Lip: “Releasing this vow of poverty.”
Chin Point: “Thank you for releasing me from this vow of poverty”
Collar Bones: “I can do more good for myself and others with abundance”
Under Arms: “Releasing this vow of poverty”
Wrist Points: “Thank you for releasing me from this vow of poverty”

You may need to repeat this for 5 – 6 rounds to clear it completely. Feel free to change the words to match you beliefs. Pay attention for the sighs and yawns which usually accompany a shift. Let me know your results.

6 Responses to Releasing Vows of Poverty to Make More Money

  1. i truly believe that i have found the answer to my problems through eft,i specifically believe that i’ve found the reason why i’ve had such a crappy life after reading your vows of poverty,i’m doing them everyday to release me from something that i had no idea existed before i read it here.Who could possibly know what happened in another life.Yes i do yawn after or during the rounds can you tell me exactly what this means,thank you.

  2. @Randy I’m glad you are feeling a shift when working with this article. Yawning is usually a sign of energy shifting in the body; releasing old patterns if you like. You can have as many yawns as you like for not extra charge 😉


  3. thank you rod, anything to rid myself of the way that it’s been, for the way that i’ve always wanted it to be.i was told that the victory comes in surrendering, so i’m making the effort to do so for my highest good

  4. I saw from reading this article that I had made a contract of poverty and scarcity with my family (my parents and my brother). I changed the wording to reflect a “contract” of poverty and substituted family for “divine” and “higher power”. Definitely had shifts…not only yawning but undulations and releasing of my spine. Thank you, Rod, for opening up this area of my life that I did not know I did not know about.

    • @Lisa Well done it identifying how this article related to you and changing the words to resonate with you – something that everyone should do when following online scripts. Please let me know how you notice this positive shift showing up in your life.

  5. I stumbled on to this, started my first round, yawns and I have snot rolling down my nose. Do you think that confirms that I had this vow in past lifetimes? Thanks so much for the post. It’s really made a difference in my day!

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