Fear of what will other people will think of me?

Sometimes we find ourselves limited because of worry about what others will think, for example:

  • “I can’t go out with that guy because my friends won’t like him”
  • “I can’t take the afternoon off work because they’ll think I’m a slacker”
  • “I can’t apply for that job because they’ll think I’m getting above myself”
  • “We have to have a new car because otherwise the neighbours will think we’re broke”
  • Sometimes it’s ‘they’ in general, sometime it’s a specific person. Pay attention to your thoughts and see how often the idea of what someone else will think limits or controls what you do.

    When you identify a specific situation where worry about what other’s think is holding back, you can apply EFT, using this EFT tapping points guide, as follows:

    Karate Chop
    Even though I’m worried about they will think if I do this, I deeply and completely accept myself
    Even though I have to keep up appearances, I choose to be true to myself
    Even though they might make fun of and humiliate me, I choose to feel safe and secure and own my own power.
    Top of Head: Fear of what they’ll think of me
    Eyebrows: Couldn’t bear the thought
    Side of Eyes: If they find out, I’ll be so embarrassed
    Under Eyes Better to just go with the flow
    Under Nose: What would they say about me if I did that?
    Chin Point: What will they think of me?
    Collarbones: But I really want this
    Under Arms: I have to fit in; be part of the group
    Wrists: They’ll think I’m crazy

    Continue on for another round:

    Top of Head: I choose to listen to my own guidance
    Eyebrows: I’m my own person
    Side of Eyes: What they think says more about them then it does about me
    Under Eyes What other people think of me is none of my business
    Under Nose: I choose to be true to myself
    Chin Point: I love and accept all of myself
    Collarbones: I ask for inner guidance and wisdom in making this choice
    Under Arms: Being true to myself is the most important thing
    Wrists: It’s time I grew up and made my own choices

    Do a few more rounds of tapping focusing on any need to rebel which might be also be driving your behaviour. Somewhere between compliance and rebellion is the middle path of wisdom.

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    • Not that I’m aware of but I’m sure there is a definition for it hidden in away in psychology’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

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