Fear of EFT Working

EFT has now been around for more that 10 years. There 100s of thousands of successful cases, yet still I get asked “Does EFT work?”

What is really behind this is a fear that EFT will work? This may sound strange but there are many reasons for the fear which I have previously written about. Usually in comes down to some hidden benefits we are receiving that we don’t want to admit to ourselves.

If you are becoming indignant as you read this article, ask yourself why you are getting so upset? Maybe there is an element of truth in this which is making you feel uncomfortable and its easier to hide it behind anger and blame.

We can hide the fear of EFT working behind many rational sounding excuses such as:

  • I can’t afford it – yet we can find the money for anything we are committed to.
  • I don’t have the time – yet we have the time to go to hospitals and Doctor’s and specialists and therapists.
  • It won’t work for me – what makes you so different from the other 100s of thousands of people it has worked for?
  • It’s really not that bad – how bad does it have to get?
  • I don’t believe EFT works – you don’t have to. EFT works anyway.

So after you get rid of the all the rational sounding excuses then what? Then we have to get dirt honest with ourselves about why we haven’t done anything about our problem.

Here is some tapping that may help you uncover your real fears. Use this tapping points guide, start and continue tapping with the following statements:

Karate Chop
Even though I have many good reasons for not getting my problems treated, I choose to love and forgive myself.
Even though this article aggravates me because there might be some truth in it, I want to love and accept myself
Even though I can make up many reasons to cover my fears, I love and forgive myself anyway.
Even though things will change, I will be different, my life will be different if I don’t have this problem anymore, I choose to feel safe and secure and deeply and completely accept myself.
Top of Head: Upset at someone for pointing out my fears. Upset with myself for hiding behind my fears
Eyebrows: I want to forgive myself but I can’t even admit to my fears
Side of Eyes: Its safer just to keep things the way they are
Under Eyes Part of me wants to be free, part of me wants things to stay the same
Under Nose: I don’t have a choice. This problem defines who I am and what I can do.
Chin Point: I acknowledge that it is my choice whether to keep this problem or get it treated
Collarbones: Will others still love me and treat me special if I don’t have this problem?
Under Arms: If I’m really honest, do I really want to fix this problem?
Wrists: I deeply and completely accept myself and my choices. I’m proud of myself for being truthful and honest with myself.

After this initial round of tapping, do a few more rounds on the rational sounding reasons you have for not getting your problem fixed. You will definitely gain insights into some personal truths – go on I dare you!

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