Clear Allergies with EFT

Allergies have been described as “a phobia of the immune system”. Given how effective EFT is at clearing phobias, it’s a small step to using EFT to clear allergies.

Allergic reactions vary from sneezing to seizures so please take responsibility for you own safety as you apply these procedures and test the results.

If you already know what you’re allergic you can get very specific with EFT. If you don’t already know, then it may worth getting some form of allergy testing done. You don’t have to accept their suggested treatment but you can use the results of the testing and apply EFT.

One of the best ways I know to clear an allergy with EFT is to have the thing your allergic to, the allergen, physically in your presence while tapping. With a client who was allergic to wheat, we used wheat flour and held it in a glass while they tapped. Remember, if you are allergic to the touch of the something, protect yourself from it initially until you feel comfortable testing direct contact.

This example will focus on some substance you are allergic to and you can adapt the wording to fit your specific allergen. Write down something that you are allergic to and the symptoms it causes and then apply EFT, using the EFT Tapping Points Guide, as follows:

Karate Chop
Even though I’m allergic to this substance, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though this substance causes me to (itch, scratch, sneeze, come out in red bumps, … whatever your symptoms), I deeply and completely accept my body’s reaction. Even though my immune system perceives this substance as a threat, I choose to recognise that the danger has passed and ask my body to accept this substance into my system healthfully
Head: My immune system’s fear of this substance
Eyebrows: Itching, scratching, headaches, etc. from this substance
Side of Eyes: Fear of what will happen with this substance
Under Eyes: All my initial emotions when I was exposed to this substance
Under Nose: If I wasn’t allergic to this substance, then what?
Chin Point: My allergic reaction to this substance
Collarbones: All my body’s reactions to this substance
Under Arms: How my immune system was taught to fear this substance
Wrist Points: My body’s remaining fear of this substance

I find with allergies that there are two key aspects. The bodies reaction to the substance and your own fear of the reaction to this substance. Be sure to clear both aspects with multiple rounds of EFT.

Head: My fear of how my body will react
Eyebrows: I’ve always been allergic to this
Side of Eyes: It’s just not safe for me to have this
Under Eyes: My immune system is confused about this substance and causes me to … (sneeze, scratch, etc.)
Under Nose: I wish I could be normal like everyone else
Chin Point: All the stress of avoiding this substance
Collarbones: I’m still special even if I no longer have to take special care
Under Arms: I appreciate my immune system releasing this pattern
Wrist Points: I choose to feel safe around this substance

Be gentle with yourself as you tap and test, slowing getting more comfortable with the allergen you’re working with.

I’ve personally helped people with wheat, sugar, and chemical allergies, and there are many EFT allergy success stories detailed at the World Centre for EFT.

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  1. On the average how long does it take to clear an food allergy? If it is a food intolerance, will the words be different? How do I know when I am clear of an allergy or an intolerance? Can I just use the script you have posted over and over until allergy is cleared?

    Thank you, Laura

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